Wilma and Walter Owl


Learn how to make a stuffed OWL plushie with super easy patterns!
This OWL plush pattern makes a robot- measuring 11″ X 6″

Wilma has big wide eyes with batting long eyelashes and a removeable skirt! She loves to mix and match so you can make her many! Her wings are sewn to her and are secure enough to get some good flapping going on.

Walter has big wide curious eyes and wings that also flap. He loves to hang out with little boys who are adventurous and curious like him. He doesn’t like to go anywhere though without his bowtie on. He is pretty proper.

They are the perfect size for play or pillow decoration.
The printable pattern is in the tutorial style with pictures and step by step instructions. The pattern is an easy to sew projects.

Printable Pattern includes:
* step by step instructions with detailed diagrams or photos
* templates are 100% size
* materials list

You may sell items sewn using this pattern.