Squiggly Waves Quilt Pattern Set

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This is the first of the series of Baby Quilts I am putting together.
Size of Quilt is 42″ X 47″
Size of Octopus is 12″ x 13″ on quilt

This baby quilt features wavy strips blocks with a great big octopus in the corner!

E-Pattern includes:

* Tutorial Style Pattern
* Pictures along with the steps
* Wavy template and piecing instructions
* Octopus applique pattern
* Different sizes for onesies and quilts
* Sent by email. No shipping or waiting
* Free-be Doll quilt with leftovers
* Uses 14 fat Eights + borders
* A managable size of 4 pages to print.
* I am available email to help if needed.
* PDF form

This pattern is from my own design. I don’t mind you making a few to sell, but No MASS MARKETING/Producing.

These make a great combination for expecting mothers and even for you own collection. Use the octopus pattern to embellish in the room and for other accessories. Bibs, Diaper bags, Burpies…anything you can think of.

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