Square Pegs


Learn how to make a stuffed plushie — with an easy pattern!
Meet the 4 square pegs:
* KitKat-cat
* Burly- bear
* Wag -dog
* BunBun- bunny rabbit

They have square heads and peg legs–square pegs!
They are very simple in construction. No arms or legs to tuck into seams…just a simple stitched doll and easy to sew projects. Perfect for the beginner doll sewer.

The Plushies measure 9″ X 5″

Printable Pattern includes:
* step by step instructions with detailed diagrams or photos
* templates are 100% size, and
* materials list

In addition to All 4 plushies are included in the pattern along with CLOTHING:
* shirt- tube top
* skirt
* shorts
* cape
* dress

You may sell items sewn using this pattern.