Block on Point Printable


Learn how to make a quilt block on point.  There is a formula you can follow to make those quilt blocks “grow” in a setting that will make a larger quilt.  It’s a great trick when you need a larger quilt, but are limited with the amount of blocks. 

I’ve been working on some quilts and there is one that I decided that the blocks should be on point.  After searching for a bit, I found the formula that works well and the blocks turn out great. 

Why would you want to put quilt blocks on point? 

The quickest answer for me is to make a larger quilt! Having those blocks pivot on point allows you a triangle shape sashing that enlarges the original quilt block. 

These triangle sashings can be a great place for some fun and crazy quilt fabric, or maybe keep it a background color to calm the quilt down.  It can also be a great place to showcase some beautiful machine or hand quilting. 

No matter what size of quilt block you are starting, the formula works great.  Plus, you will find a printable version in the Quilt Resource Library. (instructions at the end of the post)