Disappearing Quilt Blocks - Quilt Along Pattern


*Complete pattern.  Materials list, block instructions, rows and finishing instructions included.

Disappearing Quilt Blocks - Row Along

64″ X 80″


Materials list has all supplies needed are available now + tracking sheet.

8 rows in the quilt

8 different disappearing quilt blocks - including 9 patch, half square triangles, hourglass, four patch, pinwheel


The Disappearing Quilt Block Row Along is just that- a row quilt along. 

You'll be sewing up a few disappearing quilt blocks and then sewing them together to make a row. 

I'm hoping that you'll love exploring the process of the disappearing quilt blocks as I have, and even look outside of the suggested pattern and come up with your own kind of fun!  

While all the quilts have the opportunity to look similar (because of the block instructions), if you look into your own designs and twists...your variation could be completely different.  No worries if you want to follow the pattern, that's totally acceptable as well. 

TIMELINE: April - November 2019

I'll be sending out reminders in email, sign up here to get them

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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shirleyann pitts
you have helped me so much

The patterns and your ideas, have helped me , but I am very sick at the moment , Shirley Ann Pitts

Disappearing row

I love these. With only one page of instructions per row I can cut out a row of blocks, and sew them all or a few at a time. The blocks and the pattern store easily together. The directions are easy to follow. I'm halfway through!

Robin Klein
Disappearing Row Along

Once again I was unable to keep up with the monthly rows so I was happy that I could go back and order only the row I needed. I appreciated that I could buy at much lower cost, just what I needed and not the entire quilt which for a quilt pattern lately these are good prices.

Donna Cutting
Disappearing row quilt along

Really enjoyed the many different ways to make disappearing blocks. Thank you so much.

Sharon Runyan
Easy to follow

Loved the pattern. Easy for beginning quilter to follow