Straight Block Setting Printable


straight block setting – how many quilt blocks, how many across, down and what size do they need to be. It’s all in the free printable!

Sometimes the easiest way to use up fabric or use your leftover fabrics is to cut them up into squares.

Straight Block Setting. I know you might think that’s crazy, but it’s so true.

Plus, if you think about a recent purchase of a layer cake….you bought a pile of fabric that is —cut into squares.

Yeah. you did.

So, either you buy it that way— OR you can make your own.

Both work here.

What to do once you have a pile of squares?!

The free printable straight block setting will help you know what to do.

The straight block setting  is simple really.

This will help you quickly put together quilts using specific block sizes.  Use it to determine the size you want the quilt to be when you are finished…and the size of blocks you are going to start with.

Here’s a quick tip: You don’t need to have solid fabric for the squares, they can be a pieced block.  That’s right. Pick through that pile of quilt blocks that are leftover from another project and toss those into the mix.

You’ll have a quilt finished in no time and usually without a whole lot of cost either.

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