Project Timeline Printable


Project Timeline Printable.  This was suggested by Gay (thank you!).

This is what her request was: to organize what has to be done. I put on the vertical side of the left side projects that are UFO. on the horizontal top headers I list the month I plan to work on. I do craft fairs and this form I use is a life savor, it keeps me organize and move from one UFO to another. For example: Left column, vertical listings; Valentine quilt, Christmas tree, pines wall hanger, etc. top headers are the months of the year.

A few suggestions- Down the left side in the shadow boxes you can put a little check mark when it's complete.  Super quick to scan and see what you've finished!

Directly to the right of the check box area you can write in the name of the project that you are needing to make.

Under each month you can either place a check or write in the amount that you need to make or something else that you have in mind.

Above there is a little spot for additional ideas and notes.