Dresden Garden Quilt Pattern


Finished Size: 40" X 40"

After giving my hand at sewing up a dresden plate quilt block…I was a little bit smitten.  I found that working with an angle was fun!  It was different and outside of the square box.

There was a nice little pile of dresden plates hanging about, and I just couldn’t let them get lost in the sewing cottage. {that happens when I just to the next project without finishing the one I am working on!}

So- the end result was a baby quilt —Dresden Garden.  While sewing my dresdens I thought that the pieces looked like petals of a flower and with the four sewn together to make the center, it was a flower. Thus it got it’s name of Garden included with it.

Materials Needed:
8– 8″ X 8″ background –these go behind the dresden plates
8– 3″ X 3″ center of the dresden- or flower
4– 15 1/2″ X 8″ -border
40– 5″ dresden plates
34″ X 34″ backing and batting

Digital file - no shipping required. 

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