8 Projects for Teaching Kids to Sew


The 8 projects in this e-book are a little simpler and depending on the age, they would be projects that can be sewn almost by themselves.

What they will enjoy the most is the finished projects are useable.

Projects included:

1. Headband with scrunchie flower

2. Travel pillow

3. Pillowcase with cuff

4. Book cover with elastic closure

5. Sports cinch bag with mesh front

6. Embroidered pillow for your bed

7. Travel art case

8. Hound dog plushie

The 8 projects are something they can sew and use and show off to others their skills.

They are a great jumping point for more projects as well.

Round up your supplies and get sewing!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Shelley K
Great for Great-granddaughters!

I purchased this to help my great-granddaughters to learn to sew. The older one is 8 and already trying her new stitches. She plans on making most if not all of the patterns. This is written very well for kids to understand - and an old lady to explain! The younger one is only 4 and not quite ready, but will be very soon. I can already see the light go on when her big sissy is sewing.