Quilt as You Go Technique Class


Learn the quilt as you go technique with an online class. Great for any level of quilter who is interested in checking out the Quilt as You Go technique.

This class will go over the basics and get you familiar with the process while you sew up some super cute projects.

This class is all about learning the process and includes:

  • 3 projects
  • materials list for each project
  • video instructions for each step of the process
  • pdf pattern

How You’ll Learn Quilt As You Go Technique

This class is all online. Meaning, you can log in anytime, anywhere and access the information.

Every step has a video walking you through the process, broken down with materials, sewing the project, finishing the project as well as quilting and binding.

By the end of any of the lessons, you will have a completed project and understand the Quilt as you go technique.

This is very basic using strips and scrap fabric. This is all about making you aware of the possibilities as well as getting good practice and completing a project that you’ll love and use!

You’ll also have learned how to sew a table runner, pillow (including the back closure) and hot pad or mug rug. Three simple projects and are perfect for exploring the technique. They are not complicated nor time consuming.

What the Quilt As You Go technique class does not cover – this class does NOT include making a quilt using this technique. There are no instructions for joining quilt blocks or making quilt tops. That is more advanced, and not covered in this technique class. I want to be very clear on what’s included and what is not.

*this class is included in the IAQ membership. If you are an IAQ member, please check the Classes page for access.