Orphan Project Challenge


the OPC

The 3 week challenge that takes you from piles and chaos to organized and completed projects

It’s time to end the overwhelm, cut through the piles and discover the simple tracking and organizing plan that helps you start sewing and finishing what you already have.


Project Planning and Organization How To's This is the challenge that will change your sewing room and transform your projects from incomplete to finished.

  • Week 1: We’ll review our WIP or Orphan projects, learn what they are and how many you are dealing with & come up with our sewing plans. 
  • Week 2: You’ll learn how to use those leftover quilt blocks from previous projects that have no home. We’ll also be helping you organize your projects and eliminate those piles.
  • Week 3: You’ll learn how to keep your tracking system going, continue your sewing mojo and momentum.

Plus, there will be weekly check in’s as well as giveaways you can enter as you begin to make progress on those projects again!


You'll get access to our exclusive community that helps you keep motivated while making progress on your projects....

We’re a tight-stitched community filled with quilters who will go above and beyond to help you in every step of those projects.

We support each other, motivate each other, inspire each other and help you accomplish the goals you have set during the first week.

Are you ready to: 

  • Tackle those piles with a clear plan 
  • Organizing your projects with a system that works
  • Check off that long project to do list
  • Moving forward one project at a time
  • Use those extra quilt blocks for a fun new project
  • Eliminate that nagging guilt from unfinished projects
  • Feel proud about your plan and finally finishing what you’ve started

Special Added Bonus:  Quilt Block Project eBook

Over 30 fun and easy projects that use up your pile of leftover quilt blocks. 

With this ebook, you’ll be able to use your lost and forgotten quilt blocks and make them into something that’s finished! 

No more leftover blocks! They now have a purpose and can be used.  No more guilt for ‘wasting’ good fabric or ‘mistake blocks’. 

These projects take them from an ever growing pile to finished and loved in a new way.